SMART EV charging stations to meet the needs of the general public

As the growth of the use of electric vehicles rises then so will the demand for more charging stations throughout the United Kingdom and that’s where Powertek EV comes in.

We can supply an electric vehicle charging solution for your business, whether it is one vehicle being charged for 6 hours or 100 vehicles being charged for a range of different times, from 15 minutes to 6 hours. We have the technology and understanding to provide you with a system that will meet all your expected requirements.

Our SMART charging stations will work the required ‘load management’ in order to charge your vehicles, identifying the requirements of each individual user and charge their vehicle accordingly. It will also be able to vary the payments charged to the end users, depending on the electricity they use and the time they take to charge their car…in short, our system is extremely intuitive, flexible and highly adaptive.

The electric vehicle charging solution can also be used as a revenue stream for your business and in some cases, it could be installed at zero cost to you…why not ask one of our installation managers for more details.

6.7 Carpark Install

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