Whatever your electric vehicle charging station installation requirements, Powertek EV are on hand to help

Our expert knowledge of installing electric vehicle charging stations the length and breadth of the United Kingdom has been called upon by domestic and commercial customers alike.

We believe that a good electric vehicle charging installation starts with a robust plan, not just of where the charging station will be located, but how it will be used, by how many people, at what time of day and for how long.

It doesn’t stop there; we will also take account of how the electricity will be connected to your charging station and just as important…who will pay for it. Our SMART charging meters can work if the electricity costs are to be billed to you (just like your household electricity), if you want to prepay them or if they are to be ‘pay as you go’.

4 EV Charger installation

Car charging station installers

Maybe you’re installing an electric vehicle charging station in an environment where you envisage the end user paying for the electricity used, like a car park or in a retail environment, whatever your requirements, we’re here to help.

How do we do this? Well we take the time to understand what you want from your charging station and then we make the right recommendation to you based on our experience. Importantly we also try and future proof your electric vehicle charging point and we would look to make suggestions to you that will mean your electric vehicle charging station will meet your charging requirements for many years to come.

Our SMART charging meters are so clever they can even be adapted so that they charge your vehicles at a time when the electricity cots are at their cheapest e.g. during the night. In some instances, it is possible to get your vehicles charged completely free of charge, why not ask one of our representatives for more details.

If you are interested in any of the electric vehicle charging solutions provided by Powertek EV, then give us a call on 0141 849 2067 or email us at ev@powertekutilities.com and we’ll be only too happy to meet up with you to discuss your electric vehicle charging needs.