Helping you provide users with EV charging points all over the UK

As usage of electric vehicles increases around the United Kingdom, demand will grow from consumers for more on-street charging points. These points may be in car parks, near public buildings, near transport hubs like train or bus stations or in retail parks…basically anywhere you currently find consumers parking their cars.

Powertek EV can provide SMART electric vehicle charging solutions that meet a wide variety of consumer’s needs, whether they require a fast charge or whether they envisage being parked up for a number of hours.

What’s more, our electric vehicle charging stations can take payment at point of purchase, so the electricity used can be charged directly back to the consumer. This payment can be made through an app or through a chip & pin payment device.

We can also provide induction charging solutions which are ideal for bus and taxi lanes, why not get in touch and ask for more details.

3.3 On Street Install

On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging Station Facts

Payment of Installation

Paid for by a third party such as local authority, factor, car park operator, supermarket or other land owner

Grants are available to reduce the cost of installation

Payment of Electricity

Paid for by the public or by charger owner, who could re-charge the user

Public payment can be by card, registered fob or mobile app.

Power Production

7KW to 50KW+

For rapid electric vehicle charging stations

Charging Time

1 – 6 hour

On average, for a full-charge

Get In Touch

If you are interested in any of the electric vehicle charging solutions provided by Powertek EV, then give us a call on 0141 849 2067 or email us at and we’ll be only too happy to meet up with you to discuss your electric vehicle charging needs.