All the car charging you need, from the comfort of your own home

More and more people are installing electric vehicle charging stations at their home. The installation of these stations provides electric car owners with greater cost savings compared to the ownership of diesel or petrol cars, whilst at the same time being better for the environment.

The home charging installations can charge either directly from the grid or from batteries linked up to solar panels (which in some cases can mean that there is no cost to the home owner to charge their car, depending on what tariff they are on with regards their solar panel provider).

In many cases cars sit at a home address overnight and this provides enough time for an electric car to be fully re-charged. Sometimes however, all a car requires is a top-up charge and again a home charging solution is ideal for these purposes.

3.1 Domestic Charger

Domestic Electric Vehicle Charging Station Facts

Payment of Installation

Paid for by the home owner

Grants are available to reduce the cost of installation

Payment of Electricity

Paid for by the home owner

If solar panels are available, power generated can be stored in batteries and used by the charging station at no cost.

Power Production

13 – 32 Amps

For domestic electric vehicle charging stations

Charging Time

6-12 hours

On average, for a full-charge

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