The ideal EV charging solution at your place of work

Soon, we expect that most employers will look to install an electric vehicle charging station at their place of work as demand increases not just from their employees, but as they integrate electric vehicles as part of their overall fleet of cars.

These stations, which can charge at a rate of up to 22KW, will be able to provide a vehicle with a full charge in 3 to 3.5 hours.

The charging stations can be used for vehicles ranging from bikes and all the way up in size to buses. This is a great solution for vehicles which have to be used during the day but may also be left at the business premises overnight.

We can also provide SMART electric vehicle charging solutions for fleet managers where the ‘loads’ can be set to either the higher end of the chargers capacity (when a quick turnaround is required and there are a lot of vehicles requiring to be charged at the one time) or reduced down to a trickle charge (if for example the vehicle is parked up overnight).

We have even assisted fleet managers with their ‘telematics’ and integrated our SMART charging solutions with their vehicle tracker software, so if for example certain vehicles need to be charged in a certain order because they will be required sooner than other vehicles in the fleet then our SMART charging systems can accommodate this, providing fleet managers with total control of their charging requirements and budgets.

3 EV Chargepoints

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Facts

Payment of Installation

Paid for by the business owner

Grants are available to reduce the cost of installation

Payment of Electricity

Paid for by the business owner, or re-charged back to an employee

Employees would use a smart-card system for identification.

Power Production

7.4 – 22KW

For commercial electric vehicle charging stations

Charging Time

3-7 hours

On average, for a full-charge

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